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Natural Remedies For Anxiety – A Simple Five Step Approach

by vociferous. Natural remedies for anxiety have continued to gain popularity in the marketplace. Perhaps a great deal of their success has more to do with the long list of side effects associated with anti-anxiety prescription medications. For example, Benzodiazepines which are commonly prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and phobic disorders cause sleepiness,… Read More »

Five Steps To A Healthy Heart

The heart is an extraordinary organ in our body. Our life and death depend on our heart. Our live begins when we have our first heartbeat and our life ends when the beating of our heart stops. People may argue the level of importance our heart in our body as compared with other organs of… Read More »

Five arrested on drug charges in Douglas

Five arrested on drug charges in Douglas Saturday, Coffee deputies initiated a traffic stop on Brooks Ave in Douglas on a vehicle occupied by Kenyotta Jasmilla Carswell and Chelstey Jeanette Moore. They found marijuana, cocaine, and Tramadol. DCDU arrested Carswell and Moore for possession … Read more on WALB-TV Strengthening Pound to Euro Rate Offers Relief… Read More »