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Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders, 2e (Treatment Plans and Interventions for Evidence-Based Psychotherapy)

This widely used book is packed with indispensable tools for treating the most common clinical problems encountered in outpatient mental health practice. Chapters provide basic information on depression and the six major anxiety disorders; step-by-step instructions for evidence-based assessment and intervention; illustrative case examples; and practical guidance for writing reports and dealing with third-party payers.… Read More »

How To Treat Anxiety Naturally

by elycefeliz How to treat anxiety is something most people ask nowadays Because of stress a large number of people are suffering from anxiety. Some people confuse anxiety with weakness, If you want to treat agony then understand its symptoms first.The most common symptom of anxiety is chest pain, breathing problems, fatigue, loss of temper… Read More »

Help for panic attack and anxiety

by Andrew I. Chang Photography For people who are prone to anxiety, panic attacks can strike anytime.  If left untreated, it may develop into a chronic disorder that may later on be more difficult to cure and manage.  It is better to get help for panic attack and anxiety problems at the early stage rather… Read More »