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JSC Jewellery Allergic To Amoxicillin Medical Alert Nomination Style Stainless Steel Bracelet

The same bracelet as advertised in uk doctors surgeries – but at a fraction of the cost for amazon customers – forget ?20 as a starting price and a wait for a month, you need this asap! this bracelet is less than ?15, delivered in a couple of days and is the type of bracelet… Read More »

PREDNISONE – Dolceoro Medical ID Alert Italian Modular Bracelet

All Italian Charm Bracelets are connected by similar interlocking mechanism, which makes them compatible to each other. The most common and popular width is 9mm.  You can view online videos [ HOW TO PUT ITALIAN CHARMS TOGETHER ] if you are not familiar with this style. *** NOTE & INSTRUCTION *** Italian Charms are modular links. On the… Read More »