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Addiction: Breaking Free From Pain Pill & Opiate Addiction (Home Detox W/ Natural & Herbal Remedies for Pain Management of Withdrawals) Drug Abuse Recovery for The Addicted & Motivational Memoir

Download this book free with Kindle Unlimited Are you ready to detox off of prescription drugs? Are you looking for a way to ease your withdrawal symptoms? We have all heard that going to rehab is the best way to go for recovery. Unfortunately life doesn’t always permitus to take the best routes. For those… Read More »

Doncaster grandma was addicted to Tramadol

Doncaster grandma was addicted to Tramadol The Skellow grandma has returned to doing the everyday activities – like gardening and swimming with her grandchildren – that she lost her appetite for after being prescribed tramadol for seven years to ease the recurrent severe back pain she has … Read more on Doncaster Today