Stomach Cramps – Causes, Symptoms and Easy Solutions

By | August 7, 2017

Stomach Cramps – Common Than The Commoner

Stomach Cramps are the most common non specific medical condition that refers to the different symptoms or sensation that people feel and often refer to stomach cramps or abdominal cramps or pain that is received to be anywhere in the abdominal or stomach area. Menstrual cramps are pains in the belly and pelvic areas that are experienced by a woman as a result of her menstrual period. Stomach Cramps are painful but it is possible to cure them quite easily. They might hamper with your concentration, productivity and performance but there is a solution to work around this problem.


Stomach cramps can occur due to many reasons. They can rise from your digestive system organs, you appendix, kidneys, spleen or they might originate from someplace elsewhere. Cramps are very common for women during their menstrual cycle although with the help of few simple exercises they can relieve this pain. The intensity of the pain although does not necessarily indicate seriousness. Very painful pain is often at times caused due to passing of some extra gas through your digestive system. Bacterial infection, viruses, constipation irritable bowel syndrome are also a few common causes of stomach cramps in many people. Occasionally, pain may be felt in the abdomen even though it is arising from organs that are close to but not inside the stomach.

Bloating also known as trapped winds is also one cause of stomach cramps. Is most often caused by trapped gas in the small intestine? This can cause flatulence (passing of excessive gas/wind) painful stomach ache especially while wearing tight clothes.

Solution For Stomach Cramps

Abdominal pain more commonly known as stomach cramps can be treated quite simply at home by performing easy steps. They give you instant relief even sometimes from the most excruciating pain. A heating pad or soaking in a hot water tub can be very relaxing at the end of the day and can help you relieve your stomach pain. Antacids such as Pep to- Bismol can help you feel better too. Pain relievers like Aspirin, Anacin, and Tylenol etc can work wonders on your stomach ache. There are several things that can be done to relieve the pressure in the stomach. Taking a walk after eating a meal is a good way to nudge the contents of the bowels along. Exercising releases hormones that work to encourage activity in the stomach. Herbal teas are also recommended to break up gas bubbles that can develop. Increase in your liquid intake can prevent dehydration as dehydration aggravates stomach cramps in some occasion. There are various vitamin supplements available in the market today, but it is best to consult a doctor before opting for the choice of vitamin supplements as they can help at times in easing the stomach cramps arising during the menstrual cycle.You may also find it helpful to cut out fizzy drinks, including sparkling water. Many people WO want to lose their weight these days rely on these types of drinks, but the gas they contain simply ends up in your stomach leading to more stomach cramps.

Stomach cramps are painful but it’s possible to relieve them using home remedies easily and effectively. Drinking Fennel tea may relieve the symptom of bloated stomach.

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