NURSAL Tens Unit with 16 Modes and 8 Pads Electronic Pain Relief Massager

By | December 10, 2017
NURSAL Tens Unit with 16 Modes and 8 Pads Electronic Pain Relief Massager

Pain Relief – Targets your pain precisely, Effective and Safe
By placing the pads exactly at the site of the pain, you get fast relief, without having to digest potentially harmful or addictive prescription medicine. TEC.BEAN Tens therapy has FDA, CE,ROHS certification, which is considered free of side effects, so it’s safe to use it whenever you need!

16 preprogrammed massage mode, designed for body relaxation
TEC.BEAN tens is with human body simulation technology, bionic technology, bioelectricity technology and microcomputer intelligent control technology, help for treating back pain, arthritic or inflamed discs/ joints, shoulder tension and muscle Relief. You can choose from 16 massage modes you like for your body relaxation.

20 levels of adjustable strength,penetrates muscle group deeper than human hands can
The sensation of massage is very real. You’ll wonder who is administering your massage -but it’s just the device! It penetrates muscle group deeper than human hands can. When you place electrode pads in the pain points, you will feel instant relaxation and pain relief. 20 level of strength adjustable by increasing or decreasing steadily. Increase “+” button from level 1 through level 20.

Warranty date: 2 years

Notice: not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients

What you will get:
1 x Device
2 x Large pad
4 x Medium pad
2 x Small pad
2 x Electric wire (1/2 wire)
1 x Electric wire(1/4 wire)
1 x USB cable & AC adapter

  • 16 preprogrammed massage mode, 20 levels of strength adjustable by increasing or decreasing steadily. People with back pain, arthritic or inflamed discs/ joints, shoulder tension and many more injuries and disabilities would benefit from the units relaxation and release of tension.
  • Easily adjustable settings,animated display on LCD screen: massage mode, intensity, treatment time. Built in timer from 10 to 60 minutes,default timer: 20 minutes. When time is due, it is automatically shut off.
  • Simultaneous dual output design, 8 pcs of self adhesive conductive reusable pads , replaceable self-adhesive conductive gel pads, not necessary to use any cream and gel together,allows 6 pads to be applied to the two different targeted areas at the same time.Extra bonus: free 2 large pads.
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery– up to 10 hours of continuous use. It can be connected to wall unit or computer USB port to charge. Don’t worries about treatment interruption for dead AA batteries any more. With battery level indicator remind you charge timely.
  • Pocket size, portable and convenient:relax any time! Anywhere! Total body relaxation: use for back, knee, shoulder, ankles, wrist and elbow and make this the most powerful weapon in your fight against chronic pain. Please use right usb cable and do not use this item while it’s charging.this item needs to be put it in state of “on” when charging it

2 thoughts on “NURSAL Tens Unit with 16 Modes and 8 Pads Electronic Pain Relief Massager

  1. A L Welsh
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice, elegant, but could be a lot better with a little more thought by the manufacturer, July 23, 2016
    A L Welsh (KENSINGTON, CA, US) –

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    This review is from: NURSAL Tens Unit with 16 Modes and 8 Pads Electronic Pain Relief Massager
    Bought this two days ago. Elegant little digital unit, and I do mean little (3 and 3/4″ X 2″ X 3/8″) which is very nice and extremely convenient, but there are some unnecessary difficulties which you’d think the manufacturer would want to fix. Instructions on how to use it are pretty much non-existent and you just have to fiddle with it until you get it to do what you think it is supposed to do. Not a great intro for a first-time user.

    You get two sets of wires that are slightly different without any explanation of what the difference is all about. You get 4 of one type of pad and 2 of two other types of pads. Again, no clue, other than what you can figure out for yourself after fumbling about with it, what the reasoning is behind the differences and numbers.

    It appears you can use from 2 to 6 pads at a time–no explanation of when to choose which option. They give you a nice piece of plastic on which you can properly store two of the pads once the pads have been taken out of their original package and used. Nice as far as that goes, but once you’ve used more than two pads you’re on your own to come up with a different storage method for the extras.

    I like the fact that it uses a lithium battery, but lithium is not magic–it’s pretty much meaningless without knowing the expected charge life and the specs of the battery itself. It can’t be all that powerful–the unit is just too small to accommodate anything larger than a very small iphone-like battery. And the battery is not replaceable–once it’s dead you’ll have to buy a new unit as far as I can tell.

    This looks like it’s been launched to market without that final review to make sure it’s optimally packaged for the customer. I just hope there aren’t durability or quality control issues that may have been overlooked in the rush. We’ll see. So far so good.

    I see now that this is the same version as that sold by Mailuokang for about $10.00 cheaper, for which there are tons of reviews. One little question I haven’t seen asked or answered is how to access the 16 modes.

    You see only six modes on the main LCD screen. When you toggle through by pressing “m,” you go to the next mode, and after pressing m six times you are back to the first mode. This appears at first like there are only those six choices. Turns out more than 1 choice is available for some of the modes. For those modes, you will see a little number 1 on the screen if more choices are available. To get to the other choices in that mode, you have to press the center button.

    So for example, when you see a screen with a number 1, you press the center button, and you will see the same screen with the number 2. If you do this while you are hooked up, you will in fact feel it applying a different mode of operation.

    Being somewhat compulsive, I tend to buy two versions of the same product when I discover a new one. In this case, upon discovering the tens unit (duh, been in pain for a long time and am only finding out about these wonderful machines now), I bought this unit and a Trumedic PL-009 at the same time to compare them. Based on popularity, the PL-009 seemed like a safer bet, but this Tec.Bean unit seemed much more interesting.

    Actually, the difference is astounding. The tiny little Tec.Bean unit is far more powerful, far smaller, and of course rechargeable. I ran it for most of the day today, and that didn’t put a discernible dent in the charge. The PL-009 is kind of a dinosaur, both in design and size, though it works as described.

    Maybe some things about dinosaurs are not so bad though, when you think about how the art of communication seems to be going down the same path they did. You have to fiddle and fiddle with the Tec.Bean to figure it out, but the PL-009 comes with great, clear instructions, a nice, explanatory video, etc etc.

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  2. JimD
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    Had a Sciatica Issue, and this has helped., May 1, 2017
    JimD (Huntington Beach, CA) –

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    This review is from: NURSAL Tens Unit with 16 Modes and 8 Pads Electronic Pain Relief Massager
    I’ve had Sciatica pain for the past two weeks, and wasn’t finding much relief. I have taken two weeks off running, and was barely walking. Standing was difficult, and anything more than a few hundered steps was leaving a shooting pain down my right leg and outside my knee. Last year I was out for three weeks, and saw a Rolfing specialist, who fixed the problem and some alignment issues. This Dr. told me that my problems this year are due to muscle imbalances, and fatigue, not alignment. He recommended stretching and Yoga. I am still working on the stretching, but haven’t seen the relief I was hoping for.

    I did not think this was going to help, in fact I was sure it wasn’t – but I have become a bit desparate. SO, I am happy to say I was wrong. I placed a pad set on my low back, and one set right on my right buttock and set it up on “Acupuncture” full strength. Not sure how it works, but it seems to block out the pain of standing, and I can walk a bit farther. I’ve only used it the past two days, but in those two days, I have a lot less pain. I plan to try to walk on a treadmill tonight, see if I can put together 20 minutes or so. Won’t go back to running until I am sure the Sciatica has cleared up for the year. I think this TENS works by fatiguing and relaxing the piriformis muscle which has become tight, causing the nerve pain. I could be wrong on cause, but effect so far it just what I wanted. Pain subsiding, and diminishing

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