Milk Thistle Liver and Kidney Support for Dogs, Detox, with DHA, EPA, Hepatic Support, Dandelion Root, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin B1,B2,B6,B12, Kidney Stone Prevention, Bladder Support (120 Chews)

By | April 14, 2018
Milk Thistle Liver and Kidney Support for Dogs, Detox, with DHA, EPA, Hepatic Support, Dandelion Root, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin B1,B2,B6,B12, Kidney Stone Prevention, Bladder Support (120 Chews)

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Keep Your Dog FREE Of Toxins For A Long And Healthy Life

Get now the only dog LIVER SUPPORT + KIDNEY SUPPORT + OMEGA 3 FISH OIL supplement!

As a dog’s parent, we know they are eternal children; messy, playful, and innocent. They love us unconditionally and make us their entire world.
But they are also defenseless, they depend on us. They can’t tell us when they don’t feel well or complain when something hurts.
For all the love and dedication they give us, the very least we can do is to provide them with a healthy, happy life full of love. The liver’s function is to detoxify and dispose of byproducts that have accumulated in the normal organ systems. If liver function is compromised or too many toxins build up in your dog’s system, there is potential of serious health damage.
Kidney failure is one of the most common diseases seen in older dogs.

By the time your dog starts showing other obvious signs of illness, such as lack of appetite, weight loss or low energy level, significant irreversible kidney or liver damage may have occurred.

We offer YOU a powerful way to ensure your dog’s health. Get a true DETOX while also treating SKIN AND COAT conditions such as itchy and flaky skin and promoting brain health, a shiny coat, dry skin relief, and immune support.

Your dog will absolutely LOVE these tasty bacon liver flavored chewable tablets.
– Safe as a daily supplement, veterinarian recommended.
– 100% natural ingredients.
– Made in the USA in a GMP Organic Certified Facility and tested by a 3rd Party for Purity.
– Bacon and liver flavored.
– Affordable price.
– Give as a treat.

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  • MILK THISTLE ORGANIC – 150mg FOR KIDNEY AND LIVER SUPPORT – Promotes detox and removes waste substances from the blood, helping to maintain the normal balance of fluids and minerals within the dog’s body. It is the best dog detox supplement in the market. Our special formula has Omega 3 Fish Oil for skin and coat and Milk Thistle which supports the immune system. Safe to take with vitamins, probiotics, glucosamine for joint support, chondroitin, MSM and cranberry supplements for dogs.
  • PREVENT DOG KIDNEY FAILURE – Our advanced formula treats kidney disease by providing the best nutrients to support your dog’s health and prevent kidney stones. No wheat, corn, maltodextrin, animal digest, grains, soy, egg, potato, gluten, avocado. Proprietary canine custom formulation provides holistic nutritional boost for both small and large breeds, be they puppies or seniors. Get your dog off drugs and medications, relieve their suffering, let them heal naturally and live pain free.
  • BLADDER CONTROL FOR DOGS – Make your dog look & feel great with the TASTY chewable liver and kidney supplement for healthy bladder. Also contains EPA and DHA from fish oil which provides renal, heart, brain, and liver support. Boost your pet’s immune system! Small and easy to chew bite-sized bacon and beef liver flavored tablets your dog will love, perfect treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs who hate taking pills.
  • VITAPETLIFE: A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST – We understand how much your dog’s health and wellness means to you, so we manufacture our products in FDA-registered facilities that are NSF and GMP-certified in the USA. No byproducts, no allergenics, 100% safe, MADE IN THE USA. Veterinarian approved & hypoallergenic; works great for allergy prone dogs;
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or 30-day 100% MONEY BACK: With Vita Pet Life supplements you have nothing to lose! We are so confident that your dog will love our Liver and Kidney support chews that we will refund every cent if that is not the case. If you don’t see massive improvement in your dog’s health within 28 days of using these herbal antioxidants as directed, just contact us for a FULL REFUND AND KEEP THE BOTTLE, no need to send it back!