Do you know how to treat Eczema and Acne?

By | March 13, 2019

Do you know how to treat Eczema and Acne?

Acne and eczema can make the natural beauty of the face, often leading to low self-esteem. Acne is used to describe pimples, minor lumps, whiteheads, plugged pores, or any blackheads that occur on the upper torso or on the face while eczema is a group of skin disorders that don’t age specific. It can occur because of hereditary conditions, allergic reaction or irritation.

You can use the natural treatments below to rid your skin of acne and eczema.

You can use Aloe Vera which can help clear up your acne. A recent research carried out on 60 acne patients revealed that the patients fared better when they applied Aloe Vera for about eight weeks compared to those who didn’t.

For your eczema, magnesium bath will do the trick for you. It is considered to be very helpful. It is best absorbed via the skin in the form of magnesium spray or Epsom salt baths. A magnesium bath will help in soothing your skin and aid your relaxation.

You can apply lemon or any other citrus fruit on your skin. The natural acid contained in these fruits helps in eliminating the superficial cells from the skin. Endeavour to apply with caution and make sure you apply on a small area of the skin before applying over a large area of the skin.

Raw apple cider vinegar can get rid of eczema on your skin. All you need to do is to get an apple cider vinegar, dilute it by adding one part of apple cider vinegar to one part of purified water. And note, for the people with a highly sensitive skin, they should try as much as possible to dilute more.

Castor oil is also a very efficient option in taking care of acne because it is made up of a compound called undecyclenic acid. This undecyclenic acid helps to kill bacteria and disinfect the skin. Coconut oil is also a natural remedy for eczema. You can apply coconut oil, it will help in getting rid of eczema. Your eczema nightmare can become a thing of the past by simply applying two or three tablespoons of coconut oil daily.

Also, apply honey on your face, it helps to prevent infections from bacteria because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

And on a final note, you can apply turmeric for your eczema. The turmeric herb is renowned for its potency in treating skin disorders. Turmeric ingredients are made up of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. All you need to do is to mix water with turmeric powder to clean the area that is infected. To buy organic makeup brand in Singapore, Visit Liht organics today!