Dick Cheney – The Democrat’s Scapegoat For Nanci Pelosi

By | January 12, 2018

Nanci Pelosi denied knowledge of waterboarding this past spring. Even though CIA officials have clearly stated that the Speaker of the House was told about the use of waterboarding by operatives to access terrorists’ information from prisoners of war, she has no memory of these briefings. Does Mrs. Pelosi have a poor memory, or is it better for her and the Democratic Party that she distances herself from the ugliness of the War on Terror? Perhaps nothing better demonstrates the Democrats trying to deflect questions about their ethics then the recent accusations against former Vice-President Cheney. Democrats are accusing Dick Cheney of withholding information from Congress about a proposed CIA operation that was never put into practice. Yes, this is yet another example of the Democrats trying to blame the Bush Administration to deflect the mistakes they themselves have made.

The Bush Administration began the fight against terror, so it has been, and will continue to be, easy for the Democrats to blame the Republicans for moral and ethical mistakes made by the United States. Knowing now that many Americans now think waterboarding is wrong, as wrong as running an Arizona air conditioner 365 days a year, the Democrats are trying to distance themselves from this form of torture. One problem, it is obvious that Nanci Pelosi was informed of its use and did nothing to stop it.

They deal with air conditioning problems all year long, so it makes sense that the best people to put to work on a broken air conditioner is someone from Arizona air conditioning repair. In the same way it makes political sense for the Democrats to make a new accusation against Dick Cheney. He is an easy target for them. Mr. Cheney has strongly voiced his opinions regarding the security of the United States. His powerful objections to the dangerous moves the Democrats have made since the Obama Administration took office unfortunately expose him to the angry reactions of the Democratic Party.

Now these angry reactions to the former vice-president’s criticisms have been coupled with the Democrat’s need to protect one of their own. Nanci Pelosi turned to her Democratic friends as fast as a new home owner in Phoenix would send mail to “air conditioner AZ” to receive a free air conditioner. Her friends did a little digging and found a risky CIA program that was never put into action which the former vice-president kept from Congress. Is Congress supposed to know each idea, whether used or not, that the Executive Branch comes up with? Well the answer is “yes” if you want to convince the American public there is a problem with your competition, and you want the media to stop focusing on one of your primary leaders.

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