California Treatment Treats Causes Of Chronic Pain

By | March 2, 2018

Chronic pain is a real condition. The pain experienced is always in response to something, even if there is no physical evidence that can be found. Sometimes, its hard to locate the pain because we could be looking at the wrong thing in the wrong time and place. California treatment always considers other aspects to look at: physiology, neurology and even psychology. The pain can exist even when we cant physically see it. Normal aging, past injuries, psychological factors, and nerve damage could contribute to chronic pain.

Past Injuries
Pain can persist during an initial injury that includes a fracture, sprain or infection. However, there are two reasons that it could continue. The injury may have not healed properly or there are changes with CNS functioning. Severe pain could cause changes between how the brain perceives long term pain. Changes in the body can cause an individual to experience pain, long after the injury has healed. This is why pain can be present when there does not seem to be any physical damage. It is crucial to look at past injuries that can lead to chronic pain.

Chemical Imbalance
Neurochemicals, especially one called endormophine, has been linked to chronic pain complications. The body has endomorphines, which are natural pain killers. In some cases, individuals experiencing chronic pain have had lower levels of these neurochemicals which naturally soothe pain.

Ongoing Conditions and Neurological Factors
Some individuals may suffer from serious ongoing conditions such as cancer, HIV, and ulcers, may also suffer from chronic pain. This can cause damage that sends faulty signals to the brain and signal pain even when there is none. This specific type of pain is also known as neurogenic pain.

Psychological Factors
Psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression can also cause chronic pain conditions. Even though this is referred to as psychogenic pain, it doesnt mean that it only exist in ones head. Chronic pain is real and can lead exacerbate psychological conditions.

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