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By | April 23, 2017

Taking Tramadol for ADD
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This video is a product of information from research, speaking with others on supports sites, and my own story. If you have anything helpful to add please comment. Thanks for watching. Click on “Show More” for more of my story.

DISCLAIMER: This video is for information purposes only. The song doesn’t belong to me and the song rights belong to the band and their producer only.

This link will take you to a video by someone I have much respect for. I believe you will find all of his videos are understanding and helpful:

Link to a site that helped me get though the toughest part of withdrawals:

More about me:
Because of all my back issues I have been prescribed every opioid that exist. I always took less than prescibed, just keeping the pain to a tolerable level and I would completely stop taking everything at intervals to prevent addiction. Never had one problem when I stopped, other than the back pain returning while I wasn’t taking anything. I was talking to my spine specialist one day and he was saying that if I would take my medications as prescribed then we could better manage my pain. Another words, he didn’t feel I was taking enough drugs. I told him that my job had allowed me a close up view of addiction and I was terrified of it. That’s when he put me on Tramadol. Took them for about 12 weeks as prescribed then decided to stop for a while and BAM!!! By the 2nd day it truly was pure hell and I knew it had to be the “non-addictive, totally safe” Tramadol. Won’t ever put another one of those pills back in this body!! That was 19 days ago on Jan 3rd. I have studied all I can about the drug, and as far as I am concerned it’s pure evil, a synthetic opioid and a SSRI mixed together!!! So it’s not just physical, it get’s to your brain, and changes your thought process. I could go on and on but I won’t. Venting is theraputic I guess. I know some people aren’t effected this badly but MANY are.
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19 thoughts on “ADD Vlog #8 ADHD Tramadol

  1. businessdork

    Hadn't thought about it much, why? My Sister's been taking it for like more than a Decade, and my Dad too

  2. looneyhart

    Some medicolegal aspects concerning tramadol abuse: The new Middle East youth plague 2010. An Egyptian overviewhttp://
    patients exhibiting the “ultra-rapid metabolizer” phenotype are particularly prone to tramadol’s opioid-like effects.1 The prevalence of these phenotypes varies by ethnic background
    Look at that last chart….
    A genetic anomaly causes an enhanced reaction in Africans/Arabs that enhances the effects of Tramadol.
    In some studies, rats are known to stop treading water, faster, with Tramadol use.
    In the light of a North African severe hashish shortage years ago, Tramadol became a replacement and use expanded like wildfire, at this very same time, the Arab Spring emerged.
    And Tunisia, sent the most fighters to Syria of any country.
    And Algeria sends a lot, too.
    And Egypt, almost lost its country to complete chaos.
    And the Tramadol revolution still continues today!

  3. Gustafsson

    On day 3 on cold turkey from tramadole, valium and Dihydrocodein .not fun! Going crazy and stressed like hell. Felt like I am a different person and life is shit. How long did it take for u to get clean? 

  4. SissyWoods03

    I want to thank everyone for your input and helping me educate people concerning Tramadol, which in my experience, IS the drug from hell. I will never again take a medication until I have thoroughly researched it and I hope this video and the comments will prompt others to do the same. As for the comments implying I and others abused the drug, you couldn't be more wrong. I, and many others, took the drug exactly as prescribed and only after being assured it was non-addictive and totally safe.

  5. curlyperm2

    I was off Tramadol 37days and was in a living hell! I've had to go back on Tramadol. I hate this drug!

  6. SoundHoundin

    Tramadol withdrawl causes a condition called akathisia (the feeling of wanting to jump out of your own skin) and it is HELL! If you want to stop using tramadol a good way to help take the edge off is kratom. ~5 grams of the 15x extract every 4-6 hours works very well. Mix it with hot tea and honey. Buy it at your local head shop or online. Godspeed.

  7. orange70383

    I've been taking Tramadol for 15-years 8-pills a day. It's not fun if you run out and other narcs don't seem to substitute very well.

  8. thefight4god

    I wrote a song called tramadol. Here's the link. I'll be redoing it soon on one of my side channels! /watch?v=TheWKLiyUZI

  9. indico

    you guys are all weird, for me tramadol just gave me a body high, and i felt completely fine coming off it, maybe what your experiencing is PLACEBO

  10. Regena Renee

    I would love to tell my story of tramadol hell. 5 year hell. 2nd day sober and want to die from the withdrawal. Thousands of doctors buy stock into drug companies that produce "these" drugs, write out an rx, and fist pumps to "cha chin" in their bank account.

  11. MyDickiebird

    Unfortunately for people who have debilitating conditions,Tramadol and drugs like them are necessary.

  12. 63frogsinahat

    Please anyone that is addicted to tramadol look up Ann Blake Tracey. She works with SSRI stories and withdrawal. You have to taper very slowly just like an SSRI. She has a CD that you can buy ( it is very cheap) that will tell you how to taper and what supplements to take while you are tapering down. Good Luck.

  13. SissyWoods03

    Another victim tells her story. Put tYNsUfru_PE in the youtube search bar to listen to her. It's a great video on Tramadol, known as Zamadol where she is from.

  14. Micah Hughes

    IM SCREWED. up to 20 a day and i tell myslef im going to stop and everytime i do i have fits of rage and deep horrible feelings of hoplesness and cant seem to wake up so i go back to them. i need help or another script. this sux.

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